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GraderAide provides fast, consistent scores. Instead of spending hours grading, you can use GraderAide to enter completed assignments and receive immediate scores. The score reports also include a score breakdown of focus and purpose, content development, organization, language use, and grammar. GraderAide helps you to identify instructional opportunities and your students to become better writers. 



GraderAide makes immediate writing score feedback available to teachers. This allows you to assign more papers and encourage more practice, leading to better writing skills. With GraderAide, you get the following benefits:

time savings

Get immediate student scores without extra time grading

consistent evaluation

Grade each student with the same accuracy and detail

better writers and learners

Assign more writing and give more timely feedback

easy to use

Score written assignments on the go with the intuitive web-based tool

time-saving features that teachers can depend on

Score assignments in three steps. Upload or copy and paste, submit, and receive your students' data-driven scores in seconds.

See valuable insights. Accurate, consistent scoring every time with the most advanced scoring engine.

Adapts easily to all of your classes. Select grading criteria by grade level and assignment type - Informative, Narrative, Literary or Persuasive.

Access GraderAide anywhere. Upload or copy and paste in a browser-based system. No software is required for GraderAide.

Powered by the world's most comprehensive grammar engine. Check spelling, subject-verb agreement, word suggestions, and context.

Ensure the privacy of your students. Rest assured with the only FERPA- and COPPA- compliant scoring engine.

see how margaret taught her class to become better writers

Meet Margaret. Margaret is a teacher who instructs six classes of U.S. History students. She needed a way to provide her students with more writing practice, but she simply didn’t have the time to spend grading additional assignments. 

Margaret jumped at the chance to help improve her students’ writing. With all the time she saved with GraderAide, she started giving extra writing assignments every month and allowed GraderAide to score the essays in minutes. As a result, Margaret’s students got more writing practice and improved their writing skills and their knowledge of U.S. History.



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  • Save Time By Receiving Immediate Student Scores
  • Score Assignments In Three Steps
  • Adapts to All Grade Levels And Assignment Types
  • Provide Each Student With Consistent Evaluation









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the first ai in education and still the best

Enter someEstablished in 1991, Vantage Labs incubates products with groundbreaking technology in Big Data Cognitive Computer, Natural Language Understanding, Learning, and Collaboration.

Vantage Labs has over 2.2 billion users worldwide and holds over 40 patents. Our grammar and language technology can be found in most smartphones and personal computers.

We are on the forefront of AI and Natural Language Understanding in the educational space as the first company to introduce an AI-based automated scoring tool and an innovator in adaptive learning environments. text...