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What Is srch in?

srch in is an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use search tool. srch in is powered by our patented Natural Language Understanding technologies, and helps students find exactly what resources they need with the click of a mouse for just-in-time learning. srch in expands upon the user’s initial search term to deliver the most relevant search results across all of your curated content in Files, Modules, Pages, Syllabi, and more.

srch in integrates with:

and homegrown or proprietary applications

Make It Yours

30 Seconds To Embed

Embed in application Courses or on application Dashboard as an external tool that blends seamlessly into your learning and content management systems instance

Control Your Content

Index the content areas of your choice such as Files, Modules, Course Copy, Syllabi and Rubrics, Discussions, Assignments, Calendar, external URLs, and more

Access Granted

Search results are tailored to the user leveraging learning and content management system native permissioning

Scale With Ease

Painless to scale across accounts for university or district-wide deployment

Privacy Ensured

srch in is an LTI 1.3 application that ensures the privacy and safety of your users

Enhance Your LMS or CMS Experience

High-Quality Results

Leverage our patented Natural Language Understanding technologies and iViews for enhanced navigation.

Build A Custom Index

Choose the content areas to include in your index. srch in crawls learning and content management systems and builds an index for fast and intelligent searching.

Quick Integration

Get srch in implemented in your application in about 30 seconds.

Save Time

srch in returns contextually targeted results down to the slide and page level, reducing time spent looking for resources.

Usage Analytics

Use usage analytics to understand general traffic patterns and most searched terms to aid instruction.

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